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Set as Wallpaper
Set current frame of SWF Movie as your Desktop Wallpaper. Image will be rendered in your desktop resolution to achieve the best quality.

proThumbnail Generator
A unique tool for batch thumbnail creation. Create thumbnails of any size for all the movies in the folder of your choice. This feature is available only in SWF.max Tools or as a separate product called SWF.max Thumbnail Generator.

proExtract Resources
Get JPEG images and MP3 sounds from a SWF movie. This feature is available only in SWF.max Tools.

proCapture Frame
Create a snapshot of current movie frame and save it to JPEG file.
Your screenshots are may be found in "Screenshots" folder located in "My Flash Folder". By default it is "My Documents" folder. To change that location click   Tools    Options  menu to show Options Dialog. Then go to "Start Up & Exit" section and change "My Flash Folder" preference. This feature is available only in SWF.max Tools.

proCreate Thumbnail
Use current movie frame as a thumbnail for the movie. This feature is available only in SWF.max Tools.

Clear Thumbnails Up
Remove all saved thumbnails from SWF.max cache. They will be regenerated automatically when needed

Choose which language to use for SWF.max dialogs and menus

Tip: If your native language is not in the list, please help translating SWF.max. Get your free license for a translation! Contact .max for details or check out Translation Guide right away.

Handy Hot Keys
Toggle Handy Hot Keys mode

Change SWF.max options and settings


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