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Right Click Menu contains most of the commands you could usually use. Right Click anywhere on a SWF Movie area or on SWF.max main window to show it. Use the Menu Bar to access the rest of the commands. If you are in Media Browser, right clicking on a thumbnail or a folder will bring up corresponding item context menu.

Play / Pause
Pause or resume current movie playback

Stop playing current movie and rewind it to the beginning

Toggle movie sound on or off

High Quality
Play movies in high quality. Enable this to gain a better movie look

Low Quality
Play movies in reduced quality. Some complex movies may play faster with this option enabled

Full Screen
Toggle Full Screen mode.

Media Browser
Show Media Browser. Choose a movie to play with a help of thumbnail powered media browser

Get Info
Show info about current SWF files

Open a SWF File

Convert t EXE | Convert EXE to SWF
Save current SWF Movie as Projector (EXE) or vice versa.

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Show About screen with legal notes and registration info

Quit SWF.max Player


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