Tips and Tricks > Handy Hot Keys

Take advantage of the following Handy keyboard Shortcuts.

Space Bar
Play or Pause the movie.

Left or Right Arrow
Go to the previous or to the next frame.

Up or Down Arrow
Increase or decrease movie volume level.

Exit the program. This option has to be enabled through the command line first. (See “ExitOnEscape”)

Warning: Some SWF Games use Space Bar or Arrows as game controls. In order to play that games you may temporarily disable Handy Shortcuts feature. This may be done by un checking  Tools    Handy Shortcuts  menu. Check this menu again to re-enable Handy Shortcuts.

Beside that you can use a lot more keyboard shortcuts. See various menu titles to check if a particular item can be accessed from a keyboard. For example Ctrl+O opens a file and F3 shows Media Browser. You can also use your keyboard additional Multimedia Keys or mouse to control playback.


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