Options > Start Up and Exit

One Instance Only
If you double-click a SWF Movie in Windows Explorer this option will make the movie to be opened in an existing SWF.max windows instead of launching a new instance of the player.

Temporary Disable Screen Saver
Some SWF Movies may be long enough to make Windows activate a Screen Saver. This option should prevent such interruption.

Clean Up on Exit
SWF.max occasionally creates some files in its Cache folder. These files are needed for better performance.

Don't Clear Cache Up
Do not delete any cached files on exit. This option provides faster Movie opening and Media Browsing.

Keep Thumbnails Only
Delete any files except saved movie thumbnails. This option provides faster Media Browsing only.

Clear Cache Up
Delete everything from the Cache, including saved Thumbnails. Choose this only if you are short of Disk Space.


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