How to Register

SWF.max is a "Try Before You Buy" product.

You may use it for evaluation puposes for 15 days. You can use it a little longer but it will remind you to register.

Note: Unregistered version has no usage limitations or feature restrictions. But it shows "SWF.max" logo over movies, thumbnails, screenshots and a notice in Player title bar.

The registration covers all future versions of purchased product.

Registration process is fast and secure. You may use any popular payment option. You will get your personal registration key as soon as your payment is recieved. This usually takes no more than half an hour.

To start registration please click "Buy Now".

Enter the Key
Right after your order is processed you will get your personal registration key by email. You just need to select its text and copy it to the Clipboard (usually by pressing Ctrl+C). Click "Enter the Key" button in "Buy SWF.max" window (to show it click   Help   Register  menu) and click the textbox that appears. Click OK and that's it.

Note: If your registartion key is not valid, the registration window will wiggle. See if there is a text in bold to the left of OK button. Contact if you have problems with your key.

A single license is for a single computer. You can move the installation to a different computer or reinstall as needed.


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