First Run

This dialog appears when SWF.max is launched for the first time. It lets you set some basic options to start with.

Choose which language to use for SWF.max dialogs and menus

Tip: If your native language is not in the list, please help translating SWF.max. Get your free license for a translation! Contact for details or check out Translation Guide right away.

My Flash Folder
Click "..." button to choose a folder with your SWF Movies. This folder will be used by deafult for browsing for SWF Movies and saving screen shots.

Make SWF.max default Player
Open Adobe Flash Player compatible files in SWF.max by default (e.g. by double-clicking .swf files in Windows Explorer)

Note: You may change any of these options any time later by clicking  Tools    Options  menu to show Options Dialog.


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