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pro These options are only available in SWF.max Tools.

JPEG Quality
Image quality for saving Thumbnails. Higher values give better images, while lower give smaller file size. A value of around 70 to 90% is recommended.

Sample Range
SWF.max picks random frames to create movie Thumbnails. You may specify a range from which to choose that frames. For example specifying 0 - 10 % Sample Range will make SWF.max pick frames from the very beginning of movies.

High Quality Thumbnails
Create anti-aliased Thumbnails. Disable this to speed up Thumbnail creation at the cost of visual quality.

Save in Movie's Folder
Thumbnails will be saved in the same folder where origin movie is located, having the same name. For example, "Movie.jpg" will be a thumbnail for "Movie.swf" file in the same folder.

Note: SWF.max will not be able to automatically delete thumbnails that were created with this option enabled.


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