Options > Advanced

 Keep a List of Recent Files
You may wish to disable displaying a list of Recent files in File Menu. This will also disable auto-saving last played Playlist.

 Center Player Window
Move Player Window to the Center of the Screen every time you open a new movie or set new Movie Zoom.

 Listen to FS Commands
These commands let a SWF Movie control an application which plays it. For example, some movies may have a "Play Full Screen" button (or similar) to let you switch to Full Screen. However, some movies use this feature inappropriately. Like going Full Screen, Quitting or changing Movie Quality without your participation. Disable FS Commands to prevent this.

 Skip Doubtful Projectors
Option to open only original EXE Projectors.This will make SWF.max skip any other executable files. You may wish to disable this option if you get a "Not a Generic Projector" message while trying to open some particular projector. Make sure you are really trying to open an SWF Projector.

Note: It is recommended to enable this option. Otherwise, SWF.max will try to find a SWF Movie in every executable it meets. Big non-projector executables may take very long to be identified.

 Replace Projectors with Movies They Contain
Every time you open a standalone projector, SWF.max will save a movie it contains and then move that projector to Recycle Bin. This may save up to 900 KB of free disk space per each projector.


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