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pro Thumbnail Generator is a unique tool for batch thumbnail creation. Create thumbnails of any size for all the movies in the folder of your choice. This page describes only basic options. Please check out Advanced Options for more. This feature is available only in SWF.max Tools.

Thumbnail Properties
The way thumbnails should look

Width and height of future thumbnails. Thumbnails are scaled using "No Border" mode. This means that if you need square thumbnails and source movies are wider, they will be cropped in width. During tests images up to 8000 x 8000 pixels were successfully generated. Actual maximum image size depend on your computer configuration

Back Color
Some movies have transparent areas usually displayed using pre-defined back color. If you prepare thumbnails for a web site, you may wish to set this to some key color of your web site color palette

JPEG Quality
Thumbnail image compression in per cent. Higher values give better image quality at the cost of file size

Source Folder
A folder containing source SWF movies to generate thumbnails for

Include Movies in Sub Folders
Recursively search for Adobe Flash player compatible files in all child folders



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