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Version 2.3 • February 28, 2021

Generate SWF File Thumbails
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Generate SWF Thumbnails Pro

Easily generate thumbnails of any size for a pack of SWF movies. Specify a folder and SWF.max Tools will create JPEG thumbnails for all SWF Files it finds. Export meta information (like movie frame size, duration, file size, format version, frame rate or description) to XML file. Launch any program of your choice after thumbnail generation is complete.

Automate this task using Command Line.

This feature is also available as a separate product called SWF.max Thumbnail Generator.


More Pro Features Pro

Set advanced thumbnail creation options like JPEG quality, anti-aliasing preferences, optional background color and a range of frames to pick a shot from.

Create high quality Screen Shots for movies or set any frame as a Thumbnail.

Automate SWF.max actions with a help of command line scripting. Extract JPEG images and MP3 sounds from SWF Movies.


This product includes all SWF.max Player features.

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