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pro SWF.max supports Command Line control. Launching SWF.max with special command line arguments can make it perform various actions. This is handy for automation of some SWF.max tasks. This feature is available only in SWF.max Tools.

Note: This feature is intended for use by users who are already familiar with windows command line, programming basics and optionally a process of creation Batch files (command scripts).

You may control SWF.max either by typing commands directly in Windows Command Line or by creating Command Scripts (.bat or .cmd files).
It is recommended to enable "One Instance Only" option in "Start Up & Exit" section of Options Dialog. Otherwise new SWF.max instance will be launched for each command you enter.

The syntax of command line is the following:

SWF.max.exe /exec script_to_execute

script_to_execute is a single line VB Script. It may be a single command or a list of commands delimited by colons. Commands are not case sensitive.

SWF.max /exec MsgBox "This is just a Message Box"
SWF.max /exec MsgBox "SWF.max will now Quit": Quit

Warning: Script files should not contain several SWF.max calls. To execute several commands consecutively you should type them within a single command, like in the second example shown above.

Here is a brief list of SWF.max commands which can be used to control SWF.max. First word is Command Name and the rest are Arguments, delimited by commas. An argument can be a number, a variable or some text in quotes. Arguments shown in brackets can be omitted (don't type such brackets anyway). If you need help in automating a task or need a special command to be implemented, please contact.

Generate Thumbnails for Specified Folder
Generate WidthPixels, HeightPixels, "SourceFolderPath", JpegQuality, OverwriteExistingTrueOrFalse

Generate 320, 240, "C:\FolderWithFlashFiles", 75, False

Show Media Browser

Turn Full Screen On or Off
FullScreen TrueOrFalse

Open Movie
OpenMovie "MovieFilePath"

Mute Movie Sound
MuteSound TrueOrFalse

Exit SWF.max

Exit When Escape is Pressed
ExitOnEscape = True

Set Movie Volume
SetSound VolumePercent

Toggle Playlist Visibility
TogglePlaylist TrueOrFalse

Clear Play List

Move Player Window to Desired Position
Player.Move X, Y, Width, Height
(These values are in "Twips", not in Pixels. Pixel values should be multiplied by 15 to get Twips.)

Maximize, Minimize or Restore Window
Player.WindowState = State
(Set State = 0 to Restore, 1 to Minimize, 2 to Maximize)

Show Message Box
MsgBox "Message Text" [,, "Message Title"]

MsgBox "Some message"
MsgBox "Some message", , "Message Title"


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