Features > Thumbnail Generator Advanced Options

pro This page describes advanced options. Please check out Basic Options for more. This feature is available only in SWF.max Tools.

Show Thumbnails
Display thumbnails during generation. This slows down the process a bit, but lets you know how generated thumbnails look

Overwrite Existing Thumbnails
Enable this if you wish to regenerate all thumbnails instead of creating only new or missing ones

Tip: If you do not like some of thumbnails you have got, just delete them and repeat Thumbnail Generation with this option unchecked. This way only unhappy thumbnails will be recreated.

Story Board Mode
Create more than one thumbnail per movie to create "Story Board"-like thumbnail set

Execute an Application
You may wish to launch some external application after completion of generation process

Application to Execute
Actually you may specify any file type to be opened, not only an executable. Like make it play an MP3 upon completion just by specifying mp3 file name

Note: You can automate thumbnail generation by using Command Line Arguments.


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