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Flash Player
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Version 1.7.870

Watch and Manage Flash Files the Easy Way:

  • Play Flash Movies, Flash Games and Control Playback like these were ordinary videos.
  • Browse and organize your Flash Movies using a built-in Media Browser. Thumbnails make it easier.
  • Create and save Flash Playlists.
  • Play or demonstrate your Flash Movies in Full Screen mode.
  • Play any kind of flash file types like Flash (SWF), Flash projector (EXE) and Flash Video (FLV).
  • Set your Flash movies as a Screen Saver or Interactive Animated Wallpaper.
  • Convert Flash Movies to Flash Projectors and vice versa. Projectors created are smaller than ordinary ones!
  • Generate thumbnails for your Web Site using Flash Thumbnail Generator with XML export.
  • Automate tasks using Command Line scripting

View detailed Features Description and Screen Shots. Or have a look at Awards.

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October 22, 2014 | SWF.max Flash Tools 1.7.870 Released
Updated with Adobe Flash Player 15

June 6, 2009 | Aero SWF.max Flash Tools 1.6.865 Released
Thumbnail Generator can optionally embed PNG watermark images to Flash Thumbnails now. Thumbnail Generator can generate thumbnails for single Flash files as well as for folders.

January 21, 2009 | Aero SWF.max FlashPlayer 1.6.860 Released
A set of tips and tricks to learn SWF.max features

October 27, 2008 | Aero SWF.max Flash Player 1.5.845 Released
Updated with the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.
Previous versions of SWF.max will not work.

April 13 , 2008 | Aero SWF.max FlashPlayer 1.5.840 Released
Updated with the latest Adobe Flash Player 9.0.125. New scripting automation commands: OpenMovie and ClearPlaylist.

October 25 , 2007 | posts SWF.max Review
"It opens with grace not only EXE, SWF and FLV, but entire folders with Flash videos and games — showing thumbnails and names for each of them, so you can easily select what to see, even for nonsense-named files. Then, when you play you have all usual controls for media-players, like play/pause, mute, rewind, keyboard control of them; you can see Flash files in full-screen mode and organize them in playlists — like in any mature player."
Read the full article.

April 9 , 2006 | Aero SWF.max 1.5.780 Released
Flash Video (FLV) playback. Organize Flash Folders. Export info about movies into a single XML file. Extended movie information. Additional browsing capabilities.

December 9, 2005 | Aero SWF.max 1.4.755 Released
New options to add flash movie to your Desktop, Repeat and Shuffle options. A brand new skin exactly fits your system color preferences. Now supports Flash 8.

August 22, 2005 | Aero SWF.max 1.4.720 Released
SWF.max is able now to partially Extract Resources from SWF files (so called flash decompiler). This version can extract JPEG and MP3 files from SWF movies.

July 5, 2005 | Aero SWF.max 1.4.700 Released
New version features Playlists, File Management and improved user interface.

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